Fantasy Taplow League

The Fantasy Taplow League began in 1996. Contrary to popular belief, Keith Franklin has not won it every year, in fact the title in 1999 was taken by the less aerodynamic of our two Aussies - Craig Windus - who remarkably managed to take runner's up spot as well with his second team. The 2000 season saw the first female champions. Laura and Jane Kellett left their joker for the last week - the rain held off, lots of runs and wickets were taken by their players and they beat Mike Bradley's team at the line!

Purely based on Taplow Cricket Club players, it has proved very popular with the membership - managers near the top of the league start becoming far more concerned whether their team members have done well rather than if the Club are running successful sides! There has been a very interesting side effect to running the league though - we have found that everyone is much better aware of how the other teams in the Club are doing simply because they have a direct interest in sides they would ordinarily not be apart of.