Overseas Players

First, an important message. We play in an amateur league and so will not pay anyone to play for us, however good you are. Please do not apply to us for paid employment as being ignored often offends!

We started placing players back in 1998 and those who have come over have enjoyed the experience immensely. All have found that playing more than forty matches in four or five months has been a huge change from their home experiences but the opportunity to score thousands of runs and take dozens of wickets in such a short time has certainly proved one well worth having. All of them have benefited from the experience and have made many good friends along the way. It remains to be seen if the Taplow regulars have improved by playing with such players though. For most of the membership, the important thing is that the imports can drink alcohol and that they should always remember that training for us has historically been very optional - no matter how badly we played the previous weekend.


Sujith Perera helped the First XI win the Chilterns League for the third time in recent years but has now called time on his career with us. We will all miss him and his family and wish him well.

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Sujith 16 5 664 108* 60.36 2 2 93.4 25 272 20 13.60 0

As he left the building (Dec/2011) we managed to squeeze a few words out of him:

Dear All

I am just writing this to say goodbye to all as Chami and I are moving to East Sussex within the next four weeks. We have both been offered jobs there & feel we need a change following a challenging few months.

This has been a hard decision to reach as it is approaching six years that I've lived in this area, playing cricket here and I've had a really good time with you all. I am really fortunate to have such good friends through the club membership. I'd like to say thank you to all those who have helped me over the years, thank you all. I won't mention names here as I might forget a few names & that would not be good to do! I'd also like to thank those who kindly came to Sri Lanka to join in our wedding celebrations.

I have been proud & honoured to play for Taplow Cricket Club during the past six years, offering my efforts to help in winning the league & cup. I remember in 2006, my first year with the club, we won the league for the first time in 35 years. Listed below are our results during the 2006 - 2011 period for which I've been playing as part of the team:

Chilterns League winner 3 times and runners up on 2 occasions, league cup winners 4 years.

I was the highest runs scorer for league 2008 and 2010 and most wicket taker for league 2007.

I was also pleased to help the club colts section over a number of years offering my experiences and knowledge.

If invited, I may be able to come up and play a few games next year. If we finally settle in UK we would love to return to the Taplow area; Taplow Cricket Club has become like my second home since 2006, it has been a difficult decision to leave.

It will be hard for me to say goodbye, so I'm not sure that I will be able to meet with you all before we leave the area. Please visit us in Sussex, we will be right opposite the sea front & would love to see you down there. You'll be very welcome.


Suj, Chami & Hiru


Sujith Perera scored 952 runs in the league at an average of over 86 to win the league's batting award for highest aggregate runs scorer.

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Mo Nilam 10 1 595 117 66.11 3 2 50 11 164 9 18.22 1
Sujith 28 7 1547 164 73.67 11 3 204.4 34 767 39 19.67 0


Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Mo Nilam 18 7 812 172* 73.82 5 1 145 40 370 20 18.50 2
Sujith 31 6 1458 140 58.32 8 4 294.3 56 980 61 16.07 6


Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Mo Nilam 12 1 777 135 70.64 7 2 98 19 312 17 18.35 0
Sujith 33 8 1713 129 68.52 9 6 314.2 53 1023 64 15.98 4


A season with no Nilam! How on earth can we cope without him? Well quite well actually; we successfully defended the Chilterns League and Cup competitions is the answer. Sujith Perera was back though and had a great year. He won the league bowling award which was quite an achievement for a spinner during the wettest summer since Noah and his Ark. Suj even had the good manners to average over 50 runs with the bat as well. He's a popular fella and when he got married in Kandy, Sri Lanka during the winter, 7 of us went out there to attend.

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Sujith 33 5 1401 139 50.04 9 2 294.5 71 869 75 11.59 10


Nilam was back and so was his buddy Sujith Perera - Coleshill's placement Sri Lankan from the previous season. Nilam's batting was superb, his 1971 runs represent a new club record for runs scored in a season beating Moonshine's record from 1999. It was probably Suji's bowling that brought the necessary vital ingredient to the mix in regard to Taplow ultimately winning the league title. Looking at the figures he had a fabulous all round season. The boys enjoyed themselves and loved playing cricket for Taplow.

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Mo Nilam 33 7 1971 172* 75.81 8 7 140.1 27 470 19 24.74 0
Sujith 35 8 1395 123 51.67 5 3 378.4 79 1264 77 16.42 6


Nilam's second season with us and one which saw him score a great deal of runs in all the formats of the game we play. He managed to score over 150 on two occasions as well showing a depth of stamina not often seen at Taplow. To top his achievements he also secured the Chilterns League batting award for scoring the highest aggregate of league runs - 757. Well done son, see you next year!!

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Mo Nilam 39 5 1624 181* 47.76 10 4 155.3 19 614 29 21.17 2


We were put in touch with an organiser who intended to provide coaching courses in England for a group of Sri Lankan young players. Over they came and during the week they studied English, coaching, nutrition etc and on the weekends Mohamed Nilam played cricket for us. We took him on our tour to the New Forest the day after he landed in England where his respect for his collegues was cemented. Being tee-total he could only stand back and admire the abilities of his new team mates - "Mr Brian, you can truely drink for England" being my favorite quote.

Nilam was primarily a wicketkeeper so, spotting an opportunity, we had him batting up the order and bowling first change. He was a very consistent performer, ever reliable and all round nice fella. You wouldn't catch Nilam sledging the opposition, he'd much rather smash a quick and elegant fifty instead. We all hope to see him again soon. Due to him I even got invited to the Sri Lankan High Commission to meet the sports minister and the High Commissioner himself (another extremely pleasant fella).

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Mo Nilam 31 4 1271 90 47.07 12 0 217.2 43 813 33 24.64 3


Two kiwis this time, George Diack and Joel Holmes. George ' Dawes' Diack immediately impressed with nagging line and length bowling and an occasional, surprisingly quick, fast ball. He started extremely well with a match winning performance with bat and ball in our first league encounter. His batting tended to be powerful but perhaps, disappointingly, too often ending after making a good start. Joel struggled early on with the bat and never really scored the runs that he one day no doubt will.

Both suffered injuries, unfortunately. George missed most of June when he couldn't pull off his old cycling shorts whilst Joel decided to do the decent thing at the end of July and broke his leg (or tore something he shouldn't have) whilst fielding. Despite these problems they had many very special moments here and we all hope to see the boys back in the area soon. Certainly the Colts Organisers will miss these two. Throughout the season, both worked exceptionally hard and were always available to assist in the running of our Junior Section - a greatly appreciated contribution.

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
George 34 5 998 132* 34.41 5 1 253.4 51 797 40 19.93 1
Joel 31 0 656 77 21.16 3 0 4.4 0 26 1 26.00 0


We saw the arrival of Blain Wilkins from South Africa. A charming, softly spoken teenager able to frighten the life out of the wicketkeeper let alone the batsman with his quick bowling. He also happened to be a tremendously powerful batsman. I'll never forget the howitzer blast into the hotel at Brockenhurst whilst we were touring the New Forest. All in all, a lovely fella! His partner in crime was a Kiwi batting superstar by the name of Jonathan Davidson. His ability to recover from a drunken stupor and score a fifty will be marveled at for years to come. Happily we've met his mother who's a smashing lady and we understand he's doing very well back home!

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Blain 34 6 1483 142 52.96 12 2 318.4 82 908 56 16.21 4
Jono 36 7 1801 153* 62.10 12 5 42.4 1 223 9 24.78 0


Jeff Mooney and Craig Windus return. They had played well and made lots of friends the previous year and it was great to see them back. Craig captained the Sunday side to what turned out to be their best season for decades. Jeff broke his hand at the start of the year but bounced back, smashing records in the course of scoring 1107 league runs (beating the previous record of 888 runs and scoring a double century against the reigning champions on the way).

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Jeff 33 5 1928 200 68.86 8 8 49.1 6 204 5 40.80 0
Craig 39 5 1329 82 39.09 12 0 275 41 1035 34 30.44 2


Jeff Mooney and Craig Windus arrived from Bathurst, N.S.W. as Taplow's first every overseas players. We felt it would be better to get a couple of players in who knew each other before coming here. They certainly did. They were like an old married couple most of the time - always moaning about the other one to who ever would listen!

Craig managed to forget his trousers for our first match and followed up by getting bowled second ball. He was going to fit in wonderfully well with the regular Taplow players.

They proved to be easily the best players in the Club and helped us stay in the top half of the league (important since the league was to be divided into two divisions the following year) and we won something - The League Knockout Competition. Even the weather was nice! Jeff and Craig had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed watching England get beaten by Argentina on penalties in the World Cup.

Batting Bowling
Inns NO Runs Hi. Sc Av 50 100 Overs Mdn Runs Wkt Av 4wkt
Jeff 31 4 1508 139 55.85 10 3 113.4 9 450 20 22.50 1
Craig 41 8 1479 135* 44.82 9 2 357.2 49 1286 55 23.38 3